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Welcome to the Lincoln Miniature Warfare Society.lmwslogo

A wargames club situated in the historic city of Lincoln, the heart of ‘Bomber County’.

The Lincoln Miniature Warfare Society was formed in 1993 and aims to cover most periods of history as well as Fantasy and Sci-Fi, using many of the common scale of figures from 6mm to 28mm figures.

Games range from small skirmishes through to full battles and campaigns. Although we all have our favourite games, we will try to cater for most periods. We are always willing to try new ideas and rules. The wargames are run on an informal basis and we believe that everyone should have a good time and enjoy themselves.

The club meets on Monday evening (except Christmas and Public Holidays) at 7:30 pm in the backroom of Golden Eagle pub, on the High Street, Lincoln, so if you are over 16 why not contact us. Come on over, participate in one of the games, you may enjoy yourself.