Communications Breakdown – The Main Act

Posted: November 19, 2019 in Uncategorized

The team were stranded at Liberty Outpost on the planet Actium in the Illyrian Sector. Employed by the Governor of Actium to go over to Ore Mine G2 to investigate and repair their comms, the trip did not start well when they hit a sandstorm and the APC slipped into a basin of soft sand where it dug in.  Leaving two members of the team to guard the transport and dig it out, the rest advanced towards the main base with two comms techs in tow.

Various creatures in the sandstorm were spotted but not identified.  As the team entered the main buildings they were greeted by some zombie-like creatures and the two techs turned out to be operatives of the Order of the Red Dawn apparently with orders to ensure there were no survivors from the base nor from the expedition. After they fought off the creatures and then the two techs, the droid, sealed himself in the comms room with the buzzing box that we found there.  Inside the box was a blue crystal that emitted a piecing high-pitched whine.  The droid sealed it back in the box again.

They returned to Liberty Outpost and delivered the box, containing the whistling blue crystal, to the Governor.  When the Governor asked how the two techs had died no-one could remember, exactly.  Luckily he did not notice that two of the team were wearing their flak jackets. The Governor paid the team for their efforts.

The Governor was so pleased with the success that he offered the team a further contract. Something about fetching a mad professor back from The Crater.  Since no player died no one lost, so it was either a six-way victory or a six-way draw.

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