Communications Breakdown – Prelude

Posted: November 19, 2019 in Uncategorized

For various reasons, your characters are on board the Starship DANA travelling to the HADES sector in search of employment/answers. Whilst en-route to the HADES sector, the starship DANA experiences a Jump Drive malfunction and must make an emergency stop in the ILLYRIUM sector. Landing on the planet of ACTIUM for repair, you disembark and whilst waiting for the next transport you learn it will be delayed by at least 14-day cycles. With money and food running low it is time to seek gainful employment. As the planet is undergoing some of the worst sandstorms in its recent history the local governor has already asked people to assist the authorities maintain the communications and supply infrastructure for the mines and farms in the area for a modest wage.

Ore Mine G2 has not sent in their sitrep now for 48 hours, and the severe sandstorm in the region has hampered all communications and most transportation. Your small team has been given the resupply of Mine G2, deliver some new communications equipment and collect a vital piece of cargo which must be brought back to Liberty Station.

You are provided with the transport and the necessary food and water to make the 70 mile round trip. You will be accompanied by a couple of engineers who are to remain behind to set up the comms kit.


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