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The team were stranded at Liberty Outpost on the planet Actium in the Illyrian Sector. Employed by the Governor of Actium to go over to Ore Mine G2 to investigate and repair their comms, the trip did not start well when they hit a sandstorm and the APC slipped into a basin of soft sand where it dug in.  Leaving two members of the team to guard the transport and dig it out, the rest advanced towards the main base with two comms techs in tow.

Various creatures in the sandstorm were spotted but not identified.  As the team entered the main buildings they were greeted by some zombie-like creatures and the two techs turned out to be operatives of the Order of the Red Dawn apparently with orders to ensure there were no survivors from the base nor from the expedition. After they fought off the creatures and then the two techs, the droid, sealed himself in the comms room with the buzzing box that we found there.  Inside the box was a blue crystal that emitted a piecing high-pitched whine.  The droid sealed it back in the box again.

They returned to Liberty Outpost and delivered the box, containing the whistling blue crystal, to the Governor.  When the Governor asked how the two techs had died no-one could remember, exactly.  Luckily he did not notice that two of the team were wearing their flak jackets. The Governor paid the team for their efforts.

The Governor was so pleased with the success that he offered the team a further contract. Something about fetching a mad professor back from The Crater.  Since no player died no one lost, so it was either a six-way victory or a six-way draw.

For various reasons, your characters are on board the Starship DANA travelling to the HADES sector in search of employment/answers. Whilst en-route to the HADES sector, the starship DANA experiences a Jump Drive malfunction and must make an emergency stop in the ILLYRIUM sector. Landing on the planet of ACTIUM for repair, you disembark and whilst waiting for the next transport you learn it will be delayed by at least 14-day cycles. With money and food running low it is time to seek gainful employment. As the planet is undergoing some of the worst sandstorms in its recent history the local governor has already asked people to assist the authorities maintain the communications and supply infrastructure for the mines and farms in the area for a modest wage.

Ore Mine G2 has not sent in their sitrep now for 48 hours, and the severe sandstorm in the region has hampered all communications and most transportation. Your small team has been given the resupply of Mine G2, deliver some new communications equipment and collect a vital piece of cargo which must be brought back to Liberty Station.

You are provided with the transport and the necessary food and water to make the 70 mile round trip. You will be accompanied by a couple of engineers who are to remain behind to set up the comms kit.


Uncharted Space

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+ + + + Uncharted Space Campaign Backstory + + + +

In the Late 23rd Century when it became apparent that Earth was in danger with the Sun was burning out, humanity looked to the stars. Prior to the day known as the “Red Dawn” when the Earth was lost, humanity had managed to populate hundreds of worlds and continues to do so sending out deep space missions. Galactic expansion has led to big investment from Corporations leading to trade wars as they will stop at nothing to gain a foothold in the rich and lucrative deep space mining operations.

Space exploration has been pushed to the limits of current technologies. With the discovery of the Jump Drive, humanity was able to explore and populate galaxies and systems faster, however, there was a side effect to the vast distances jumped on the human body and this had to be rectified using cryogenics and interstellar drugs. The use of drugs to further mankind’s exploration of the stars has become vital on the long-distance jumps (in excess of 4 weeks) and the various Corporations are running secret operations and drug testing to further their exploration of the stars. These drugs are routinely administered for deep space travel, but in efforts to push the limits of the human body and space exploration, most of these drugs remain untested.

Although there are thousands of smaller corporations, they fall under the umbrella of some of the larger Corporations (roughly 10 in total). These larger Corporations use the smaller elements to do their bidding and thus providing plausible deniability where needed. Corporation stranglehold on uncharted space is extreme and they govern the planets through the use of proxy military forces. Local governance is always monitored from behind the scenes and the sudden disappearance of a governor and a new replacement being assigned almost immediately is a common occurrence.

Life on a corporation planet is often harsh, pay is low, food and water are rationed and Para-Military forces provide security and dispense an immediate justice. Often “Alien” races are often subjugated or re-located to ascertain control of the planets.

The “Order of the Red Dawn” or just simply “the Order” emerged not long after the Red Dawn itself and was branded as the “new” and only religion. The “Order” has grown in strength and influence over the last 200 years in its attempts to bring its religion to the planets in the uncharted zones whilst with it protecting the rights of the Corporations. Although the “Order” is pseudo religious movement, it is actually no better than the Corporations themselves and indeed on planets they govern people often live in mortal fear from their local inquisitions and persecutions.

Small bands brave enough to stand up to the Corporations and the Order do not often last long due to the reprisal attacks on the local populace, whether they were involved or not. This makes it impractical for organisations to flourish. Rumour has it that some of the anti-Order activity is actually sponsored in secret by some Corporation or another in an attempt to undermine its rivals.

Alien resentment has grown in many areas as they have little or no rights in most cases. These Races have had some limited success in battling the corporations by using hit and run style raids, not operating in an area long enough to draw any reprisals against the local population.

As interstellar travel is the lifeblood of the Corporations, high levels of piracy in the shipping lanes is not uncommon, the Corporations have paid bounty hunter and mercenaries to police the lanes. As there is no law and order in the lanes in deep space, the mercenaries and bounty hunters are capable of being Judge, Jury and Executioner with no fallout from the Corporations or the Law, such as it is.

In the fringes of space there have been reports of a debilitating disease outbreak which was initially linked to deep space mining colonies but now seems to have changed its strain and is capable, or so it seems, of moving into other colonies, and even planets, with no links to deep space mining.

Investigation of some of the mining colonies has reported that these colonies have simply disappeared. As yet no explanation is being made available to the public other than it was an outbreak of a disease on the planets which has now been quarantined and contained by the various Corporations.

After the Red Dawn, the date was reset to RD 000.000 and we are now in date 400.240, which is 400 years and 240 days on from the Red Dawn.